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Accelerated Career Results enables professionals to reach their maximum potential in their career and own their future

Maximise your earnings

   How We Can Help You    

"Whether you are looking for your dream job, a


career advancement or simply earn what you


are worth, we can ensure you achieve your


goals with a proven and tailored methodology


built on your strengths and values"


                                                                                                                Adrian Evans


Find Your Dream Role


Discover your strenghts, ignite your passion, pull everything together and you will never complain

about getting up in the morning

Career Advancement


There is always a next step for your career, thanks to our provern methodology, your next step will be simple  to achieve

Earn What You Worth



Who told you that you can't get more? Know your value, learn how to postion yourself to achieve the reward you are worth



Get Back into The Market


Have been out of the job market for a while? Nothing to worry about, with our help you will return quickly and be positioned more effectively than before

Career Change


Whether you know where you want to go or not, our provern methodology will challenge you to realise your potential to achieve the career and the role you want

Be a Stand Out At interview


We can support you to maximise your chances of gaining multiple job offers - we show you how to position yourself in a way that other candidates are unable to


    How it Works    

You feel your current professional situation does not match your ideal role? Do you think you should earn more or getting that promotion? Do you really want to get that job and stand out at interview?
Our team will help in 3 easy steps:
Informal and commitment-free chat to understand your needs and your ideal career
If we made a good impression on step one, we define your goals and the best route to achieve them
Schedule of 1 to 1 tailored sessions to achieve your goal, plus access to materials and chase studies
- 1 to 1 sessions available in all greater London and Thames Valley or via Skype
- Additional materials includes modules and book to help you achieve your career goal


Get in touch for an informal chat and to know more.
Feel free to send us an email or fill the form below, we will get back to you within 24 hours

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