Do You Earn Less Than Your Peers?

Maximise Your Earnings In 2016

Programme starting on Saturday 24th September 2016


95% of employers do ‘just enough’ to persuade sales professionals like yourself to join them

Does your employer value your efforts/impact/real worth?


Understandably many of us don’t proactively ask for appropriate pay as we are too concerned

with the potential consequences. Many still view their employer as having the ‘position of power’

- even in the current ‘buoyant’ job market…


This rare event is for you if you want to:


 - Own your future and earn what you deserve.

 - Have an ‘unfair advantage’ over other employees.

 - Be appropriately rewarded for “making your boss look good”


What specific value will you gain?


  • Negotiation framework that enables you to maximise your next salary conversation.

  •  Enable you to confidently position yourself as a premium employee.

  •  Maximise your earnings by being a business problem solver.

  •  Enable you to ask appropriately and not come across as needy or aggressive.



How much are you willing to invest in your future earnings?


£3,997 payable pre event


+ 7% of the annual salary/package/settlement agreement/retention bonus increase achieved over the next 12 months (payable when realised).


This represents a c£4,000+ discount compared the charge to my 1 to 1 clients. I am keen to add value to a wider group of individuals who I believe would be better served by earning their worth.


For anyone at your level, this life time investment is less than the equivalent of the value of your car allowance over a 4 month period. A flat fee only option is also available, get in touch for more details



Achieve a 10,000 pounds rise or your money back!


I am taking out any risk for you as I know this programme works!  To build your negotiation skill and confidence, you will have 60 days 1 to 1 access to Adrian Evans for on-going bespoke advice.


In the unlikely event of you not being able to achieve at least a £10,000 increase in salary or package or settlement agreement within 9 months of attending course then a no quibble money back promise applies.


Who will lead this Maximise your earnings in 2016 programme?


Adrian Evans – he has a 20 years track record of placing high achieving commercial employees with leading companies that has provided him unique insights into the employment market. He has also advised many successful professionals enabling them to advance their careers and earn their worth.


What results have I achieved for my clients?


One of many successful examples is Anant. As the Sales Director EMEA of a rapidly growing technology company, he has made a successful career of building high performing teams and growing revenue channels. An inspiring leader of people he believes that the best way to grow a business is to develop employees.


Whilst he was very successful in his role and over target in terms of revenue he felt that the broader organisation, did not believe in treating all employees respectfully. He received small bonuses for the value he was adding. The lack of respect shown to him and the lack of appropriate reward was a daily frustration.


Working together we achieved a 60% rise in his base salary and a 200% increase in overall package not including the new equity stake he was granted. He is now at an organization that shares his personal values and he’s appropriately rewarded whilst enjoying his role



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