Isn’t it frustrating that your ideal job never seems to be advertised?

This fact is 80% of jobs are never advertised and placed via a decision maker’s network. This means that unless you are in that ‘circle of influence’ you will miss out on ideal roles, opportunity for career enhancement and salary increases.

So how to access the ‘hidden’ job market - the steps to your ideal job regardless of economic times:

Set yourself up for success - the essential planning phase

  • Develop a clear understanding of your core career motivators

  • Outline your specific key career goals. What is your next career move and what is your next next career move? Set specific timescales for their achievement.

  • How will you know you have achieved your goals? What will this success look, feel and sound like? What will you say to yourself when you have achieved your goals?

  • Commit to breaking through any obstacles that will inevitably come your way. Increase your probability of success and de risk your failure- what are your plans B, C, D and E? View them as opportunities. Your mindset is the critical first step to your success.

  • Which sector? Which industries are going to present the greatest opportunity for your career in the next 5 years? e tail v retail, e payment v banking, cloud computing v software, thought leadership v following the well established way?

  • Which skills do you need to enhance and learn further, to take advantage of these market opportunities? Is it your influencing, leadership, innovation, commercial negotiation or confidence in yourself – all business skills are learnable.

  • Commit to improving these skills each day one step at a time.

Repositioning yourself as a business problem ‘identifier and solver’ not as a job seeker.

  • What is the greatest business problem you could potential solve for your potential new line manager?

  • Which companies - segment and prioritize your target companies in an ABC list. A = list 20 immediately attractive potential companies, B = 30 next most attractive potential C = 50 next most attractive potential companies.

  • Outline the key 3 most important criteria for your next move: culture, training opportunities, salary, career progression, mentoring…

  • What ‘unique value proposition’ do you bring to your next organization?

  • Reposition yourself as a business problem ‘identifier and solver’ not as a job seeker. Use the 3 R’s method of connecting with and influencing people. Right person right timing right conditions.

  • Who has the results and has succeeded in the roles you desire? What are the traits and behaviours of the top performers?

  • Who makes the decisions for the roles within the companies you most desire to work for? Head of, directors, COO, CEO.

And what about you? Do you have a strategy to access the hidden job market? Do you need a help to define your path to your next role?

Do not hesitate to get in touch via this page or send an email directly to me on

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