How To Be an "In Demand" Employee

In my 20 years of successfully closing salary offers for employees, I have observed that most employers are motivated to do ‘just enough’ to get candidates to join an organisation. In the current job market I have witness employers doing ‘just enough’ to keep employees in their business.

Most employees are not paid fully for the value they deliver because they often view their employer as having the perceived ‘position of power’ in salary negotiation.

Head-hunters whilst wanting to raise salary as high as possible are paid by companies they are representing and their self-interest is in winning the next assignment and are not focused on employee interests. So they do ‘just enough’.

Are you worth more than ‘just enough’?

So how do you ensure you will be in demand and rewarded appropriately?

  • To be in the best possible position you need to demonstrate that you are the ideal choice for a role and you have a highly valuable skillset that can have a wider organizational impact.

Understand the responsibilities/key performance indicators and how you will be judged in any new role – this identifies the value you will add to an organisation.

  • Write down what your key message/theme is. This will form the agenda to be used during the negotiation process, it will act as your signpost at all times and clarifies your intentions.

An appropriate message could be:

Your company is my preferred career option because of the opportunities presented, I would like to ensure that I am appropriately rewarded due to the value I will add in…

…shaping the operational efficiencies of the business over the next 6/12 months. Additionally I will add organizational wide benefit because of my track record of identifying high performing senior level talent.

  • It is fundamental that you make your future employer aware of your salary expectations, before you receive any offers. To achieve this you must have a consistent and appropriate message combined with the specifics of your desired salary package. This approach has consistently led to my coaching clients being rewarded at a higher rate than those who are self-coached or only advised by headhunters.

This due diligence will allow you to confidently answer the question:

What salary package and benefits would motivate you to join our business?

  • Identify the upper and lower limits of the salary and benefit package you are prepared to accept. Split this into 3 parts:

A wow offer level.

An acceptable level.

An unacceptable level.

An example of a professionally managed Win-Win agreement:

Using this approach I was able to secure an ideal career move and raise the overall salary and package of an employee by 48%. We were able to achieve this because he clearly understood his motivations for moving and had established the criteria he would use to evaluate any new options.

He was fully aware of the value he would add to the new organisation and how he would be judged in terms of key operational efficiencies. He had set clear agendas for meetings and a theme based around a Win-Win outcome - maintaining a professional manner throughout.

His due diligence throughout the process ensured that on day one he had secured an excellent career move and set himself and his new employer up for success.

Are you worth more than ‘just enough’?

Do you need help to define your strategy to make your career even more successful? Do not hesitate to visit get in touch to know more about us or send an email directly to me on

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